The job of a mystery shopper is pretty exciting. You get to review the new things around you, and you even get paid for it. The assignments can be anything, from eating at the new place in your neighborhood to going to a shop and see how everything’s going. Companies hire mystery shoppers for a number of reasons. Some of the important ones are checking in on staff quality and staff knowledge as well as understanding the different customer pain points.

If you’re looking to be a good mystery shopper, you will have to fill in a number of details. These include your name and your educational qualifications.

How do you know if you are a good mystery shopper?

You need to be confident when you are out there as a mystery shopper. Companies need to be sure that you are not giving yourself away. The entire point of you being a mystery shopper is to offer the companies an insight that they will not normally get. So, you need to be confident enough to go through the experience as a normal customer without giving away a hint.

In many ways it does sound like being a detective and getting paid for it! You will surely enjoy being a mystery shopper. But what qualifications do you need? Here are some good tips to help you.

1. Be detail oriented – Know what the company wants from you. They will give you a specific set of tasks to do. This can be asking for a particular staff or looking at how the staff is dressed up. It can even be testing the staff knowledge on certain matters and to judge the staff courtesy level. Remembering the list of things to be done ensures that you do not forget on anything important. Accurately portray what you see, and be clear and objective in your approach.

2. Keep all the details – The other important thing to note is to keep all the details. You will need to forward the bill details and scanned proofs along with the other mandatory proofs they require for the assignment. On many of the mystery shopper assignments, you will need to take pictures. It is a good idea to check whether your smart phone has enough battery juice before heading out for the assignment.
3. Regularly check mails – This goes without saying. There are probably hundreds of mystery shoppers in your area. Most companies will mail you their assignment, and if someone takes it before you, it’s probably gone. Check your mails and reply back on time.

4. Complete assignments on time – You will probably be given a timeframe window by which you have to complete the task and send in the result. Remember to read the brief carefully and perform things in a timely manner. The evaluation is what counts the most, and incorrect evaluation can be disastrous.

5. Check if you meet the other qualification criteria – It is also important to check whether you fulfill all the criteria laid out in the mystery shopper assignment. For instance, some assignments may require you to be of a particular gender or of a minimum age. If you aren’t, you might not be paid for the assignment.

As a mystery shopper, your client may want you to do specific things. For instance, he might want you to take go to a shop and ask a specific question, and see how the shopkeeper replies. You have to be ready for the task and be flexible. Remember, the job of a mystery shopper is a rewarding one and if you perform well, you might have more tasks coming your way!