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The sales industry is a growing segment in today’s economy. It constantly offers employment to a large number of population of the world. You will find many job opportunities in this field. But the chances of your selection depend on many factors, the most important of which is your curriculum vitae.
Curriculum vitae (CV) are an outline of a person’s educational, professional history and his/her personal information. Which will then helps them to find suitable job. CV is most flexible way to inform about your educational and professional details. A CV is like a marketing document and you need to present yourself well.
What do you need to include in CV?
Being a sales assistant, you need to be ready for the job. For one, mention the languages you know. Write about your higher degree of education. Give information about your experience for this filed. Write about your personal information like your name, hobbies, address, and mobile number. This will help the shop head to make trust on you. Trust is very important in this job. You should write correct things only. Do not write fake things. A good impression will make your career.
The important aspects
Editing your resume for sales assistant in gift shop is crucial. You need to highlight your role, experience and qualities to stand out in the competition. Your resume should present a summary of all your skills and work in a precise format. It should concentrate more on results achieved and your success than talking about activities.

What should you include in your curriculum vitae for sales assistant in a gift shop
Personal profile/Career objective
This section should concentrate on your qualities and professional objectives. It should be clear to the employer what you have to offer and what you are looking for.


Major skills and expertise
Make a bullet point list of the key skills and knowledge that you acquired during your work or education. You can talk about your communication and problem solving skills, management qualities, targets achieved and the customer satisfaction level provided.


Experience and career summary
Note down in detail each of your work experience related to the job. You can list internships or voluntary services if you are inexperienced. This section is very important. Mention your role in each job and the duties you had to take care of.


List down your educational qualifications from the highest degree. Mention any additional qualifications that you may find suitable for the job.


Personal details
This part gives your name, address, date of birth and other important details about you.


How should you act at the interview?
The next important thing after the resume is the interview itself. Your qualifications, skills and education information are not only a part hiring; it depends upon your behavior when conducting an interview. Whether you get the job depends on how you perform at the interview. You should be normal and fresh. Listen to the questions carefully and then give answer. You should be on time for interview. Dress appropriately for interview. Introduce yourself and give information about your education and work experience. Keep positive and friendly attitude.
Be polite and have a positive body language. Have a pleasing smile and make frequent eye contacts with the interviewer.


You must be an excellent communicator and quick thinker.

Give suitable examples with your answers. It helps the employer understand your skills and achievements in a better way.


How should your CV be?
Your CV should be very neat and clear. It should be specific. Divide education, professional and personal information by giving headings. Make important thing bold and select good font. Your CV should be easily readable. Write about your qualifications and skills.


Your interests and achievements will make your CV more powerful. This will help you to stand out from the crowd. Your interest for this job is worth mentioning. You need to inform your abilities, experience, and qualification to the shop head. You need to inform about your good communication skill with customer which is very important for a gift shop.